Personalized Taggie Blanket

Personalized, monogrammed Taggie baby blankets give babies something to play with and a soft blanket to keep warm. Nana's Nappies makes each Taggie blanket with love so your baby will have a fun toy to play with and a plush blanket to squeeze, hold, and sleep with.

Blankets go everywhere with your baby, keeping them warm wherever they are. Taggie blankets also provide on-the-go entertainment for your baby, giving them something to play with and chew on. The soft silk tags stitched into the border of the blanket are the perfect outlet for chewing and pulling. With dozens of soft fabrics and designs to choose from, you can select a blanket that matches your baby's room or favorite outfit. Nana's Nappies will also monogram your baby's name or initials onto his or her special blanket. You can choose one special blanket, or make your Taggie blanket a part of a complete set of baby items.

Add a Taggie blanket to your baby shower gift registry or order a blanket for your baby's first Christmas, birthday, or another special occasion.

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